How to Breed Deege in My Singing Monsters: Best Way 2023

How to Breed Deege in My Singing Monsters! Are you ready to dive into the enchanting world of My Singing Monsters and learn how to breed the adorable and melodious Deege? In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of How to Breed Deege in My Singing Monsters. Here you find the fastest methods to create Deege, common pitfalls to avoid, the uses of this delightful element in the game, its advantages and disadvantages, valuable tips and tricks, intriguing facts, and a conclusion to tie it all together. By the end of this article, you’ll be a Deege breeding expert.

Introduction: Meet Deege

Deege is a charming and tuneful monster in My Singing Monsters, known for its sweet melodies and captivating appearance. Breeding Deege is an exciting adventure that requires strategy, patience, and a good grasp of the game’s mechanics.

How to Breed Deege: Step-by-Step Guide

Breeding Deege requires careful planning and selecting the right combination of monsters. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you successfully breed Deege:

Total Time: 5 minutes

Understand the Elemental Requirements

Before you begin breeding Deege, it’s crucial to comprehend its elemental requirements. Deege is a Quad-element monster, consisting of Plant, Earth, Cold, and Water elements. To breed Deege successfully, you’ll need specific parent monsters with these elements.

Optimal Parent Selection

The recommended parent combination for breeding Deege is Mammott and Furcorn. These monsters possess the required Plant, Earth, Cold, and Water elements. Place them near each other on your island to maximize your chances of success.

Level Up Your Monsters

Boost your chances of breeding Deege by increasing the levels of your Mammott and Furcorn monsters. Invest in feeding and leveling them up to improve your odds.

Patience and Perseverance

Breeding in My Singing Monsters often requires patience. Deege may not appear in your nursery on the first try. Continue breeding and stay committed to your goal.

The Fastest Way to Create Deege

For those who can’t wait to add Deege to their monster collection, there’s a shortcut. You can use Diamonds, the game’s premium currency, to expedite the breeding process or purchase Deege directly from the Market. Keep in mind that this method can be costly, so use it judiciously.

How to Breed Deege in My Singing Monsters
How to Breed Deege in My Singing Monsters

Common Mistakes to Avoid

1. Neglecting Monster Levels

Never underestimate the importance of leveling up your Mammott and Furcorn monsters. Higher-level monsters have a significantly better chance of breeding Deege.

2. Using Incorrect Parents

Ensure that you’re using Mammott and Furcorn as parents for breeding Deege. Using other monsters that lack the necessary elements won’t yield the desired result.

Uses of Deege in the Game

Deege offers unique advantages and disadvantages to your island in My Singing Monsters.


  • Musical Excellence: Deege adds a delightful musical element to your island, enhancing the overall musical experience.
  • Elemental Compatibility: As a Quad-element monster, Deege can be valuable in breeding other rare monsters on your island.


  • Limited Income: Deege doesn’t generate as much income as some other monsters, so plan its placement on your island thoughtfully.

Tips and Tricks for Deege Breeding

  1. Balance Your Island: Maintain a balanced island with a mix of Deege and other monsters to optimize your income while preserving harmony.
  2. Upgrade Your Nursery: Consider upgrading your Nursery structure to reduce breeding times, saving valuable resources.
  3. Experiment with Combinations: Don’t hesitate to experiment with different combinations of monsters. You might discover unexpected and delightful results.

Facts About Deege in the Game

  • Deege has a charming appearance with leafy ears and a soothing singing voice.
  • It harmonizes beautifully with other monsters on your island, contributing to a harmonious musical ensemble.
  • Deege can harmonize with other Deege, creating a synchronized and enchanting musical performance.

Conclusion: Your Musical Journey with Deege

In conclusion of How to Breed Deege in My Singing Monsters, breeding Deege in My Singing Monsters is a rewarding experience that adds a unique musical charm to your island. By following our comprehensive guide and considering the tips and tricks provided, you’ll soon have Deege harmonizing alongside your other monsters. Remember to exercise patience, maintain a balanced island, and enjoy the delightful melodies your Deege brings to the game. Here you can check more My Singing Monsters guides like How to Breed Allays in My Singing Monsters, and How to Breed Clavavera in My Singing Monsters.

FAQs About How to Breed Deege

Can I breed Deege with any combination of monsters?

No, you need specific parent monsters, Mammott and Furcorn, due to their Plant, Earth, Cold, and Water elements.

How long does it typically take to breed Deege?

Breeding times can vary, but it often ranges from 12 to 24 hours. Patience is key.

Are there special promotions or events that increase Deege breeding chances?

Occasionally, the game offers events or promotions that boost the chances of breeding rare monsters like Deege. Keep an eye out for these opportunities.

Can I sell my Deege if I no longer want it on my island?

Yes, you can sell unwanted monsters, including Deege, through the Market in exchange for in-game currency.

What are some other Quad-element monsters in My Singing Monsters?

Other Quad-element monsters include Shugabush, Ghazt, and Reebro, each with its unique musical talents.

Is Deege compatible with all other monsters on my island?

Deege can harmonize with most other monsters on your island, creating a harmonious and melodious musical ensemble.

How can I maximize the income generated by my Deege on my island?

Level up your Deege, place them in structures that boost earnings, and strategically position them on your island to maximize their income potential.

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